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      This resource hub is an attempt to coalesce Data-centric efforts across the community into a resource that will help you start practicing Data-centric AI. Share Data-centric stories with us, whether it be your own, or something you think needs to be read. 

      The types of pieces we’re looking to feature:

      • Applied Data-centric AI projects and case studies
      • Data-centric AI tools – feel free to add code snippets or links to notebooks demonstrating these tools
      • Data-centric initiatives you think are exciting!

      Why you should share your story


      We want to help you to the front of the Data-centric AI movement. Join experts in the field to discuss the most current topics in Data-centric AI. 


      This is just the beginning of the Data-centric AI movement. Add your voice so you can say you were right there, at the beginning!


      You will have complete ownership of your writing and your voice. Our aim is to preserve the integrity of your voice and approach to AI, and amplify it.

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